AS Information

Peering Policies

Asymptote Network operates using the autonomous system AS53616.

We have an open peering policy, no minimum traffic requirements at this moment.

We require an up-to-date PeeringDB entry for all public peering requests, including exchange information with properly formatted public fabric addresses, ASNs, and NOC/peering contact information.

We ask that peers also maintain their private peering facility details, as we use this information for private peering (PNI) targeting.


Please check peeringdb for the latest information

Hurricane Electric Fremont 2 - Fremont, United States

Equinix SV1/SV5/SV10 Silicon Valley - San Jose, United States

iTech Towers 2 - New Territories, Hong Kong

Internet Exchange Points

Please check peeringdb for the latest information

FCIX – 10Gbps

Equinix San Jose – 10Gbps


NOC: [email protected]

Abuse: [email protected]