Who We Are

We are Asymptote Network LLC, a dynamic, forward-thinking company born in 2023 out of a collective passion for secure IT infrastructures. We are not just a business; we are a team of dedicated IT enthusiasts, steadfast in our mission to equip businesses with robust and privacy-centric infrastructures.

The very foundation of Asymptote Network LLC lies in the rich blend of skills and expertise brought to the table by our three co-founders: Brandon, Chris, and Roger.

Brandon, as our system administrator, is the backbone of our operations, ensuring that all systems run seamlessly at all times. He manages and optimizes our IT resources, troubleshooting any issues that may arise and implementing system updates as needed. His proactive approach and exceptional problem-solving skills are vital to maintaining the high uptime and performance our clients have come to expect.

Chris is our highly skilled network engineer, the architect behind our robust and reliable network infrastructures. His knowledge and experience in network management and security ensure that our systems are not just efficient, but also resilient against threats. Chris’s expertise is crucial in designing and managing networks that deliver optimal performance, high availability, and most importantly, uncompromised security.

Roger is our software engineer, the creative force who drives our technological advancement. He is adept at designing and managing complex software systems, tailoring solutions to fit each client’s unique needs. Roger’s role involves developing custom applications, integrating systems, and maintaining software to ensure our services stay at the forefront of the industry.

Together, Brandon, Chris, and Roger form a synergistic triad, merging system administration, network engineering, and software development to deliver outstanding Datacenter services including IaaS, IP Transit, server colocation and more. Their collaborative efforts ensure the smooth running of Asymptote Network LLC, making us a trusted name in the realm of secure IT infrastructure.

Where We Are

Our facility in San Jose, United States puts us right in the heart of Silicon Valley, the global technology epicenter. This location gives us access to world-class IT infrastructure, cutting-edge innovations, and the capacity to meet the demanding requirements of our North American clients. Our presence here aligns us with the pace of the fast-evolving IT sector.

Our facility in Hong Kong, strategically situated in the bustling metropolis, our facility stands at the crossroads of global commerce and innovation. This prime location affords us unparalleled access to the dynamic markets of Asia-Pacific, connecting us with cutting-edge technological advancements and robust financial networks.

Both of our strategic locations house a comprehensive range of our services. These include data storage and management, IP Transit, IaaS, among others. We utilize high-level encryption and privacy safeguards to ensure your data remains secure and protected. Regardless of your geographical location, we are committed to providing our clients with IaaS solutions that prioritize privacy protection and cater to their unique business needs.

How to Contact Us

Email: [email protected]